In 1997 GA Williams, a retired firefighter from NYC had taken the "BLACK CHERUB" photo in front of a church in Northampton, MA. The photo had been seen by Kaolin, a medium, who was convinced the photograph indicated he was in need of urgent heart care. Mr. Williams saw his physician and requested several tests so he could be certain he was in good health. The results of those tests indicated that his Aortic Valve was 7 cm dilated so he was taken to a hospital and operated on several days later.

While recovering from open heart surgery George began to take photographs of cloud formations. The photographs on this site were taken by him. When he takes a photograph he does not see what we see once the film has been developed. He gets a "feeling" and takes the shot. The most common question we have been asked is what kind of camera does he use? He uses many kinds of cameras from newly bought cameras to disposable and even second-hand cameras. The cost or year of the camera is irrelevant. For the most part 35mm is the most common feature among them.

In the beginning the photographs had personal relevance in our lives. They seemed to be in sync with events that mattered to us within our family. Several years later they took on a broader significance. As in the case of "TSUNAMI CHILD" and "KATRINA" as those pictures were taken and developed within a month of those tragic events.

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